Welcome back everyone! As you can see a lot has been changed since your last visit to our website, glad to see you back! For the last couple of months we have worked to bring you this brand new version of out platform, completely reworking it from the ground up.

What’s new?

A lot of work went into figuring out exactly what everyone wanted and what they were missing on our website. We have worked together with community members to bring you a lot of new features that will make the overall experience easier, smoother and a lot more enjoyable. So, what do we have for you?

What we’ve added:

  • Community Maps
  • Brand new look
  • Mobile friendly
  • Better search engine
  • New filters
  • Easier licenses
  • Compare assets
  • Add assets to your wishlist

What we’ve added for creators

  • The Creators Hub, a one-stop place where you can find information on assets such as:
    • Post assets and keep track of them
    • Statistics and reports
  • Sell assets directly on CartographyAssets
  • Easier upload process
  • Customizability, add your own attributes, bundle assets or upsell other assets.

The forums were rarely used, so we decided to remove it from the platform, instead we want to focus more on our Discord server (which you can join here)

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